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Issue of State Legislatures MagazineThe magazine of policy and politics.

State Legislatures informs legislators, staff, lobbyists and the interested public about state actions and innovations in public policy issues before they reach the mainstream.

Mason's Manual

Mason's Manual

To play by the rules, you need to know the rules.

Used by more than 70 percent of the nation's legislatures, Mason's Manual is the No. 1 resource for information on legislative procedure.


LegisBriefConcise. Easy-to-read. Informative.

If you need to be informed, you need LegisBriefs.  For people who want to know all sides of the emerging issues.

All Access

All Access

All the state policy references you need.

As a subscriber to NCSL's All Access Package, you receive all the policy references you need the minute they are published. The package provides everything NCSL publishes during the entire year.


StateConnectDo you need to connect with state legislators?

Get the StateConnect advantage when you need to contact the men and women who write the laws in the 50 states. Find leaders, committee chairs, individual members and more! Create and export your own lists! Subscribe to StateConnect for a year of access, or order a one-time-use list.


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